We are a company incorporated in 1975 in the aim to create new products and new ways to improve the life style of people. We came into full swing in 1983 when our arms not only stretched to design and creation but also to manufacturing. A product starts its journey from an idea to a sketch, model-making, technical drawing, electronic circuit designing, I.C. software programming, mould making, plastic injection and product assembling.


We specialize in manufacturing small electronics for retail, brands, mail orders, supermarkets, as well as electronic gifts/premium. We have our own manufacturing facility in Pinghu, Shenzhen, with a production floor of over 50,000 square feet. We also have our own Design + R&D team with our own engineers, so we develop our own range of products (over 400+ products) which are 100% original designed. Therefore, you do not have to worry about buying copied items! Our Product Design Team is very strong – we have a team of experienced designers, Research & Development with electrical and mechanical engineers, Mold- Department, Plastic Injection, Silk-screen/Pad printing, Heat-Transfer and Product Assembling, etc. We are well equipped for handling you ODM/OEM projects. We trust that you would be most comfortable in working with us for your prestige projects.


As early as 1996, we have foreseen the need of currency converters when it was known that the EURO would become the only official currency of the member countries of the European community. Spending about one year in original IC design and development, our one-touch currency converter was given birth and it was shown to the world in the Hong Kong Electronics Fair in 1997.
As the original designer and manufacturer of this item, overwhelming-orders were placed from major European customers. As series of follow-up developments were on the go, more than 20 new models were created including twenty-currency with fixed rates.


As the effect of global warming and the tectonics changes in the earth affect people’s lives, we invented a 10-in-1 survival kit which is equipped with 10 functions and even has a sensor for sensing vibration from the ground! It then automatically sirens and light up with flashing LED light, waking people up and warning them of the shaking grounds so they can escape. There are many other functions on our #SA106 such as radio, phone charger, siren, flashlight, etc… which can help people in camping or even survive through a disaster!


We are the original designer of universal ruler calculator with UNIVERSAL binding holes. It can go into a British binder with 2 holes / 6 holes, American Binder with 3 holes, or a Japanese binder with 20 holes! It fits into the German, Swedish, and an Canadian binders as well!


Since our products' quality is good and steady, therefore we appreciate that we have many VIP customers and close customers. There are customers with characters’ licenses who appreciate our quality and our ability in silkscreen/padprinting: We can even print an 11-color-logo accurately (very small in size, about 15x20mm) for famous brands. We also have experiences in doing very big orders for governments ! Please see newspaper articles and descriptions below:

1, We have done an order of 9,000,000pcs of a calculators to the Italy Government with only 60 days delivery! The inspectionwas passed by SGS Inspection company (one of the biggest inspection company in Europe).

2, We have also done an order 1,500,000pcs of calculators to the Ireland Government with only 55 days delivery! The inspection was passed by ITS Inspection company (one of the most famous inspection company in Europe).


This is product presentation and the Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association(HKEIA) 2011 press conference interviewing. Carol Cheung, Sales Manager of Lee Handerson Electronics Limited. Our newest product Dynamo LED Torch With AM/FM Radio (Model No.:SA106) has won the Silver Award in consumer electronics category of 2011 HKEIA Award for outstanding Innovation & Technology Products.